dimanche 18 avril 2010

Wild at Heart

Today I wore my leather jacket, black pants, and rock boots. I had this lunch with my father. The sun was high and we have been riding his Harley Davidson all day long. One thing about my family (mother and father parts): we love motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson. We are a family of travelers and riders. Wild at heart, anytime.

The sunny days are coming back, and with them this incredible feeling of freedom you have when you are riding, lost on the roads. For about fifty years, Harley Davidson riders have remained the same as the ones popularized in Easy Riders, the movie. Fonda, Hopper and Nicholson embodied this very image of a typical Harley rider: a freedom lover, eager of incredible landscapes, listening to rock bands and enjoying life. Wild at heart again, living with the nature on one’s metal horse.

What I like about the sunny days coming, it’s the sound of crackling chromes coming from the burning motor after a ride. Feeling the wind on my face when the bike is getting more and more speedy. I like the sound made by the motor: enormous, noticeable and powerful.

Being a rider, and a Harley lover are eventually a state of mind. You belong to a community made of solidarity and respect. It means also enjoying a certain kind of design: shiny, bright and very American stylish bikes. It brings you also to the ideas of the American Dream: leaving home, taking the road, being free of everything, taking your time to enjoy the landscape, meeting new people. Every adventure starts on a bike: Easy Riders, Diario de Motocicleta, etc. Every bad boy has his own bike with the right girl behind, Wild at Heart, Grease, etc.

Indeed, being born to be wild

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