dimanche 18 avril 2010

Corps Sonores- Disobey

William Klein - Gun

People, the time has come for revolution to start in the streets. Disobey is the word of this spring. Break the rules, forgot all the laws. Listen and be inspired. Disobedience is definitely in the air...at least on Cash Moustache

Built as a true manifesto of actions, there is only one side to prompt to act.

Click on "Disobedience" to download it

- Pulsion Phantom, Body Resistance
- Larousse Dictionary, Désobéissance
- Hearts Revolution, Ultra violence
- Rebel without a cause, extracts
- Crystal Fighters, Xtatic Truth
- We are Scientists, Rules don't stop
- Reading of the Manisfeste des Désobéissants
- La Roux, In For a Kill
- These New Puritans, We Want War
- Reading of the Comité Invisible manifesto
- Richard Hawley, Tonight the Streets are Ours

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