mardi 2 mars 2010

La femme érotique par Jonathan Leder

Il m'a fallu un petit mois d'échange avec Jonathan Leder pour obtenir cette minuscule interview. Néanmoins, je ne pouvais pas m'empêcher de la mettre en ligne tant j'aime ce photographe. Ces photos teintées de l'esprit des sixties/ seventies dégagent toutes un érotisme incroyable. Et cela tombe à point puisque la journée de la femme approche: quoi de mieux que la célébration des courbes féminines pour leur rendre hommage.

Ôde aux femmes, aux formes fluettes, oeil voyeuriste, poils qui dépassent, nudité toute troublante, sensualité animale et regard de l'homme qui n'est pas invité. Voici ce qui émane du travail de Leder...

Lou- Why did you choose photography ?
Jonathan Leder - I have been doing photography since i was about 14 years old in school so it seems very natural for me. I really enjoy photography and film.

L- You have been the assistant of Steven Klein. How did he influence your current work?
JL- I think Steven Klein is an amazing photographer who really pushes the limits of the medium. He is very determined and passionate and always trying to go further.

L- Do you have a special conexion to nudity, one of the dominant aspect of your work?
JL- I am more into creating a mood I guess and I enjoy working with women. I think they have a powerful aspect that i like to explore in the photos. I also enjoy creating more provocative images. Fantasies.

L- You are born in the 1970's: has this period synonym of sexual freedom influenced your style?
JL- I think the 70s was a beautiful period. They are my earliest childhood memories and making pictures to me is like creating dreams or memories. I guess that period is just ingrained in my mind since its what i grew up with.

L- You seem to be spying the girls you are shooting. What kind of relationships do you create during a shooting?
JL- I think we try to choose girls we really like to be around. People who are real, and honest , and interesting. I dont usually use many "fashion" models... I tend to shoot Americans. I am american, so i prefer working with someone who i can understand and relate to.

L- How do you create intimacy and such trust during your shooting?
JL- We try to explain to the models what we are doing and what the goal for the picture we are creating is. The images are relatively planned out so most of them are not just snapshots. They are real, but planned at the same time..... Actually, i very much dont like all these "snapshot" style photos where people are not putting any thought into what they are creating. Thats too bad.

L- What do you want to catch through your photos?
JL- Mood. Feeling. You dont have to see everything. Pictures are like music, or life, sometimes, those strange foggy moments are the best. Dont say everything. Leave something to the imagination. Pictures are like poems.

L- What is your view of beauty ? Is it always connected to nudity?
JL- I think that sensuality is very interesting and very repressed in our current American society, therefore it entices me.

L- Why are you still using argentic for your portfolio?
JL- I dont really like the digital capture so much. I just think film is more elegant and more challenging. It works for me,

L- What kind of camera are you using?
JL- I use a lot of different cameras. Canon F1, Rollei, Plaubel Makina, Leica, Olympus....each camera has its own voice and own purpose.

L- How do you define erotism?
JL- I dont really know. I just kind of do what feels right.

L- According to you what is the border between erotic photos and porno stuff?
JL- I think porn is a cheap and dirty word. There is nothing wrong with doing something sexy and cool and provocative. Porn is just a dumb word.

L- You have created a short film for Jacques. Are you planning to continue creating videos?
JL- Yes, I love the moving images. I just made a new sports one. Its great. Much more fun than stills to make, i have to say!

Vous pouvez retrouver le travail de Jonathan Leder sur son blog et sa collaboration pour le magazine Jacques ici!

Et pour terminer, une petite vidéo que Jonathan Leder a réalisé pour Jacques Magazine....

Jacques Magazine presents Tori from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

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