jeudi 18 février 2010

Concert secret de MGMT le 23 avril? La news c'est surtout Ausgang à la palette graphique!

Do Cat dance - ça va swinguer sur le prochain MGMT!

Info Tsugi qui nous promet plus de détails lundi - de quoi faire passer un weekend cauchemardesque aux fans! Le concert secret aurait lieu dans une salle plus petite que le Bataclan mais plus grande que la Maroquinerie....Hum...Hum...

A part l'exclusivité de découvrir les nouveaux titres en avant première, est-ce qu'un tel concert de MGMT vaut-il vraiment le coup? Les kids de Brooklyn ayant quelques difficultés scéniques.

En attendant, quelques lives de leurs nouvelles chansons (pas fou fou pour l'instant pour ma part)...

Leur second album, Congratulations devrait sortir le 13 avril et la comm autour du duo se fait pour l'instant avarde en informations, sûrement pour faire monter le buzz...

Voici néanmoins la tracklist:

1. It’s Working

2. Song for Dan Treacy

3. Someone’s Missing
4. Flash Delirium

5. I Found a Whistle

6. Siberian Breaks

7. Brian Eno

8. Lady Dada’s Nightmare

9. Congratulations

La vraie nouvelle du jour, c'est que l'artiste Anthony Ausgang réalise la pochette de l'album de MGMT - chat surfant sur une vague! Un choix décalé, ultra psychédélique et super drôle.

Dans l'histoire de la hype, les années 90 ont célébré la résurgence de la contreculture kitsch (les tatouages, le swing, le lounge rétro). Au même moment, un nouveau mouvement émergeait et été porté par les artistes nourris par cet univers et originaire de Californie: les "LowBrow".

The Great Escape, acrylique
Night of the hunter, acrylique
Anthony Ausgang est l'un des pionniers de l'univers Low Brow fait d'une espèce de festichisation de la nostalgie, de l'imagerie de la contre culture transformée détournée. Ausgang est célèbre pour ses personnages de cartoon surréalistes qui se retrouvent dans des situations incroyables et provocantes.

Voici l'interview réalisée pour Boing Boing

Anderson: You are one of the original "Lowbrow" guys and have watched the whole arc of this movement. What are your thoughts on how the scene has evolved?

Ausgang: Lowbrow Art was originally based on a wide assortment of aesthetic insurgencies, like the surf and hotrod subculture. Many of those cultural influences are now outdated and have been replaced by more recent stimulations. For example, the major influence that Saturday morning cartoons had on Lowbrow has been replaced by the new youth culture's video and computer games. There were also certain orphaned subcultures that were initially attracted to Lowbrow as a good place to enter the Fine Art world. As time passed some of these subcultures, like Graffiti, moved away from the Lowbrow and became their own art movements.

You were just in Rome for a big Pop Surrealist exhibition called "Apocalypse Wow." What was your impression of the art scene there?

The Pop Surrealism art scene in Rome was firmly based on the Graffiti aesthetic and there was plenty of that in the streets. The cars of the subway trains were almost all completely bombed with huge pieces and even Roman ruins had been hit up. I asked one "aerosol artist" if he had a felt any hesitation the first time he wrote on a wall that was 2500 years old. He said that the ruins had been there over 2000 years and his spray paint would only be there for about 70 so he didn't feel any remorse. But most interesting thing I heard was from BO 130 who said that most kids were sick of the adoration of ancient ruins and wanted to see new, contemporary art.

Are there any new artists or scene that's currently inspiring you?

Lowbrow and Pop Surrealism are art movements firmly based on recognizable imagery and comprehendible narratives. I think that certain aspects of abstract art are going to begin influencing this dogma and there will be a new type of aesthetic brinksmanship as artists skirt the edge between abstract and representational art.

How did you get hooked up with MGMT?

I met Andrew and Ben from MGMT through the experimental musician Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, for whom I had done album cover art in the past. MGMT was recording "Congratulations" at a mansion in Malibu so I went there a couple of times to hang out and watch the process unfold. Not being a musician I was occasionally left to my own devices so I would sit around and draw on pieces of paper then leave them there when I went home. I got along well with the band and gave them copies of my book, Vacation From Reality. Later, Josh Cheuse, the art director from Sony, contacted me once the recording was finished. The most important thing was that MGMT wanted the "look" of my style of painting and gave me only a few points that I had to hit. Naturally the process took some time but they were always cool with the criticisms. A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don't want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.

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