vendredi 29 janvier 2010

Mental Construction - following Conpenhague

Jeff Grewe has made trees nicer by creating his company Arbor Aesthetics. He is the man who spoke to the leaves and sap. He is also someone who has the eye. Timelapse Coal Powered Horror is a work of his mental construction. Because, what we see is only one facet of the prism of reality.

Jeff Grewe offers us a vision of the sublimely terrible use of coal in our industries. A mental creation that ultimately reveals a collective work. In the same way that world opinion sees nuclear power through new eyes – we are now talking about a nuclear renaissance - the coal, one of the most polluting energy, has seen its ratings go up in the booming country.

To learn more, I recommend the excellent article written by Magali Aubert for Standard Magazine.

Images of modern times ....

Timelapse Coal Fired Power Plant from Jeff Grewe on Vimeo.

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cécile a dit…

splendide et terrifiant.

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